Faster Building

Prefabricated homes are built in a factory, which allows for simultaneous site and foundation work. Getting work done concurrently can reduce project time by up to half of what you would be spending on traditional construction.

Flexible Construction

Prefabricated homes can be disassembled and relocated or remodelled for reuse. You can create a new building with less time and effort than if you were to construct anew.

Easy To Access

Prefabricated homes are perfect solution when your project is in an area that’s hard to access, like far-flung towns or places experiencing a surge in construction. Easy building access to remote areas.

Sustainable Methods

Prefabrication can significantly reduce the demand for raw materials and energy. The reduction of material surplus and being able to recycle modules translates to less waste. Since most of the construction is done off-site, you also reduce the impact on the site environment. With good planning, you can also decrease the amount of vehicles and equipment needed at the construction site.Constructing prefabricated homes can also be safer for builders. With most of the building done indoors, there is less risk of accidents, environmental hazards, and other such liabilities. Materials are kept safe as well, so there is less likelihood of theft and vandalism.

Less Project Cost

The factory setting of the prefabrication process is a more controlled environment than an actual site. These increased controls allow for better material planning, which reduces material surplus. You then have less storage cost and less material loss from damage or pilferage.Because of the time you save from building without weather constraints and getting on-site and off-site work done simultaneously, you also save on labour hours and manpower costs.You can also save on costs involved when your project is in an area that’s hard to access, like far-flung towns or places experiencing a surge in construction.

Better Quality Control

Ensuring high-quality prefabricated homes is generally easier since modules are constructed in climate-controlled facilities with precise equipment and methods. They’re built using plans with exact specifications on materials and building procedures, so the finished structure would be more consistent with the design you have in mind.Compared to traditional buildings, prefabricated structures go through more initial wear and tear from the transportation of modules and the craning of these portions onto the building’s foundations. Putting this into consideration, each individual module has to be built stronger, in order for the final structure to satisfy building codes and standards. With stronger modules, prefabricated homes can have the same or even higher level of quality as a site-built house.

Who is Aktas Prefabricated Structures

Aktas Prefabricated Building Technologies a leading Turkish company that was established in 1972 and since then has executed projects in about 90 countries around the World.Aktas proved to be a well organized company that is capable of executing various types of Projects in different countries at the same time.


Our Work Process



Finding the right lot is the first step towards your new home. We will start your design while taking into consideration the urban or rural location, dimensions, views, sunlight, neighboring environment, your lifestyle and of course your budget.



Our Design Project Manager will answer any and all questions you may still have.You will establish the main elements of your design and create a list of requirements.Your overall budget will be discussed by sections, such as site preparation, building materials, finishing options, etc.We will provide you with all the information you need to navigate the next steps with ease and confidence.



While your site is being prepared and the foundation is poured, all Prefabric Structure components are manufactured  Using the latest production technologies borrowed from the aerospace and automotive industries, each component is laser-cut to precision.Site preparation and manufacturing of the Aktas Prefabric Structure components is happening in parallel to accelerate your project delivery.



It can take as little as 3 weeks for you to move in, from the day we receive the green light for manufacturing.

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